Where We’ve Been (Our Story)

In 1995, after a chance encounter with an 8 year old boy in the slums, Jossy Chacko was deeply impacted by the physical and spiritual depravity he saw in South Asia. Struck by the reality that to truly be a disciple means to fulfill the Great Commission, Empart began in 1997 in the Chacko’s Australian home. Under Jossy’s visionary leadership and passion for the lost, Empart has now grown to over 30,000 communities reached. Since the opening of the first Training Center in 1999, the mission of Empart has been to restore, equip and release indigenous leaders to be catalysts for transformation.

Our primary objective is to see 100,000 communities transformed in southern Asia by 2030. Empart’s vision is to reach the lost, physically and spiritually. We seek to impact men, women and children through vocational training, children’s homes, schools, spiritual equipping and caste reconciliation.

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Our Founder


Jossy Chacko

Founder and International Director of Empart.

Jossy left Asia at the age of 17, with $20 in his pocket, a one way ticket to Australia and a big dream to become a business success. After early struggles with no money, friends or family, he started at the bottom of a small logistics company which later grew to be listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Busy climbing the corporate ladder and chasing success, Jossy’s life was changed forever by an encounter with an eight year old homeless boy from the slums, culminating in the establishment of Empart in 1998.

(Jossy’s book, Madness!, describes this and other critical encounters in Jossy’s journey – from being a ridiculed boy with a mentally ill dad, to becoming internationally recognized as a spiritual and social transformer.)

Under Jossy’s visionary leadership, Empart grew from the spare bedroom of the Chacko’s home to become a prolific community development movement, bringing both spiritual and social transformation to other faith communities. Empart now averages about 11 new communities developed every day, reaching about 6.5 million people every week through its various activities. With nearly 8,000 full-time workers and offices in 7 countries, Empart is well positioned and on track to achieve its objectives.

Jossy has a recognized apostolic calling and is an anointed communicator with a unique depth of wisdom. His passion and convictions challenge, motivate and inspire listeners. Doors continue to open for Jossy to influence and mentor political, business and church leaders around the world.

Jossy is married to Jenni; they live in Melbourne, Australia with their four children. Jenni was born in Brisbane and spent her childhood years traveling through various countries with her missionary pilot family. She returned to Australia to attend college – looking like an Aussie, sounding like one most of the time and having no idea how to negotiate life. She studied nursing and then graduated with a theological degree.

Jenni has a passion for abused and neglected women and is raising awareness to create change and inform people around the world of the injustices that women face every day.