Training Centers

IMG_2419We believe it is through the equipping of indigenous leaders that people groups of Asia can be transformed by the power of the Gospel. Jesus modeled that the intensive training of small groups can impact the world. Similarly, we have designed Training Centers that educate 20-25 social workers over a 9-month period. These men and women are spiritually and socially equipped to be catalysts for transformation.

The students live and study at the Training Center. Not only do they receive spiritual and ministry training but also the practical skills they need to reach out to local communities and fulfill the calling of God on their lives. These practical skills are strengthened when the students facilitate various outreach and community development programs, such as health and hygiene classes, aid and relief projects, education programs and film ministry.

Your gift will not only enable social workers to study – it will empower them to transform their communities with a tangible expression of God’s love.

Supporting an Empart Training Center is highly strategic. You can equip 25 young men or women each year to reach out with Jesus’ love – that’s 25 more trained, passionate workers who will be used by God to change the lives of hundreds of people.

Support our strategic ministries with a gift towards Training Centers