Join Empart and be part of transforming 100,000 communities!

You can volunteer your time and skills, join the Ambassador Network to spread the word about Empart, use your interests to fundraise for a project or help out at an upcoming event!


Volunteers give of their time, skill or resources to assist Empart in its mission. We desire people to operate in their gifts and abilities and to discover fulfillment as they serve a worthy and eternal cause. Our volunteers come in all shapes and sizes, with all levels and varieties of skill and knowledge.

You are created uniquely by God, designed by Him to make a unique contribution to the Kingdom. So, some Empart volunteers are young, some are not so young! Some are full-time at Empart, others do several hours a week. Some do all their volunteering by email. Some are employed elsewhere and volunteer after work; some are retired. But each one is fulfilling his or her vital role in expanding the Kingdom, choosing to use his or her uniqueness – for the glory of God – through Empart.