Rescuing Children


Did you know that nearly half the world’s population is under the age of 20? And did you know that some 30,000 children die every day around the world, many from malnutrition and preventable diseases? Around 26 million children in South Asia are unwanted, calling the streets their home.

children2These children are living disrupted, difficult lives. They are hungry for love, care and the Good News of Jesus. Empart responds to the needs of these children through our local churches. Some unwanted children find a family in an Empart children’s hostel, and others are fed and taught literacy skills each day through Empart’s literacy programs.

Caring for children is often a gateway to reaching the children’s equally needy parents and community.

You can help change the lives of disadvantaged children and enable them to impact their community by supporting a local village school, an Empart literacy program or a youth hostel. You  can help provide these little ones with a brighter future!


school-kidsEmpart provides life-changing resources to vulnerable children through the powerful tool of education. Many villages in South Asia consist of families who are unable to send their children to school. Empart provides hope for a better future by offering a free eduction through its sponsored village schools. Additionally, Empart Education Centers focus on children who do not attend school and provides them with literacy, numeracy, healthcare and Biblical training along with a meal.

Empart Education Centers focus on children who do not attend school. Children are taught literacy and numeracy, along with basic healthcare education. The 2-3 hour program includes stories, songs and games as well as a meal.

You can support education and help free children from the abusive cycle of child labor and poverty and bring them the hope of the Gospel.