Defending Dignity

Mercy Homes

IMG_1297Empart currently operates three Mercy Homes, a rehabilitation home for people who suffer from mental instability. With homes in three different cities and a mobile van that provides showers and a meal right on the street, the social worker and his wife are able to provide men and women suffering from mental illness with hope. Some come to live with the field worker and their family until they can be stabilized and returned to society in a functional manner. Depending on the severity of the mental illness, they might live with the social worker for months or for years, whatever it takes to extend the love of Christ to achieve wholeness and healing.

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Elderly and Widow Homes

IMG_2818Southern Asia has a growing population of senior citizens over 60 years old. In fact, according to a recent census, 77 million or 7% of the population is over 60. Two-thirds of the aged population live in villages, and alarmingly more than half of them in extreme poverty conditions. Poor families are unable to provide for their senior parents which inevitably leaves the aged population with no where to live.

Empart field workers have a deep commitment to taking care of the older citizens as the love of God compels them to provide quality life to aged members of their community, shelter and a roof for the homeless, medical care, health support, and counseling. Further, field workers champion the cause to raise awareness of the community’s responsibility towards the elderly.

In addition to the plight of the elderly, widows are outcast from society as well. Empart has started an initiative we are calling The Naomi Project to care for and aid wives of field workers who have been martyred. As Empart cares for the widows left behind, we have become accurately aware of how difficult life is for windows within Hindu society:

  • Widows are considered the “Living Dead” with a nameless, faceless existence
  • The Hindi word for widow has become synonymous with prostitute
  • The youngest widows are often exploited and sold into the sex trade with no one to defend them

Through Empart’s Naomi Homes we aim to care for these widows and their children, providing a place of safety, security and hope for a future. Our goal is to build 10 homes where widows and their children will be able to live together and learn marketplace skills as well as care of abandoned/orphaned children in the community.