Defending Dignity

Caring for the Elderly, the Mentally Ill and Widows

IMG_2818Southern Asia has a growing population of senior citizens over 60 years old. In fact, according to a recent census, 77 million or 7% of the population is over 60. Two-thirds of the aged population live in villages, and alarmingly more than half of them in extreme poverty conditions. Poor families are unable to provide for their senior parents which inevitably leaves the aged population with no where to live.

Empart field workers have a deep commitment to taking care of the older citizens, those with mental instabilities and widows , as the love of God compels them to provide quality of life to all members of their community, including, medical care, health support, and counseling.

In addition to the plight of the elderly, widows are outcast from society as well. Empart has started an initiative to care for and aid wives of field workers who have been martyred.

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