Community Transformation


Empart is transforming communities by establishing congregations with local leaders that are relevant within the local culture and are truly indigenous in character. A transformed community is defined as having 12 or more believers meeting regularly – we call these Established. If people are gathering regularly for service, but there are less than 12 believers in the congregation, it is known as Developing. Empart currently has over 11,000 established and over 9,000 developing transformed communities.

Many communities have been transformed after our workers prayed for someone who was sick or demon possessed and the Lord set them free; just like in the Book of Acts. In all of these communities, a great emphasis is placed on teaching the Word of God, prayer and missions. This has resulted in believers becoming bold witnesses for Christ.

Our indigenous field workers have truly counted the cost and still choose to take up their crosses to follow Christ. Many pay the high price of suffering, hardship, intense persecution and abandonment by family or community members. But they pay the price willingly for the privilege of seeing a community transformed, established among unreached people.

Empart field workers work in various regions throughout southern Asia, with each region in need of resources to enable the workers to effectively reach their communities with the love of Christ. $150 per month fully covers the cost of one field worker and his family.


IMG_2921Southern Asia is a land filled with millions of people who have never before heard the name of Jesus. Many of these people live in remote villages that do not have running water or access to public transportation.

Empart community developers and key women desire to go to these inaccessible villages, and bicycles are an incredible resource that are greatly needed in order to efficiently advance the gospel in these unreached  places.

For just $150 a community developer will be able to take the gospel to more places then ever before and share the hope of the Lord with more unreached people!

After I received my bicycle, I was able to reach 5 new villages that were previously unreached because of their location. In these villages 15 people came to know the Lord in just two months…Thank you for the bicycle, it is making a difference in my ministry”   – Gautham 

“Through this bicycle I am able to travel 30 km a day and am able to reach remote villages in a reasonable time. After I received the bicycle I was able to start a prayer group in a village 10 km away from my home. My prayer is that God will bless everyone who cares for pastors like me.”  – Jeteander

Planting Kit

IMG_2918Empart field workers have sacrificed everything to serve God, and sometimes without the most basic of resources. Planting kits are one way to encourage and help these workers reach unreached people with the Gospel. As each worker graduates from a Training Center, we seek to equip them with a kit, which will make reaching out to others much easier.

For only $550, you can supply a field worker with the resources he or she needs to reach many with the gospel message of hope and love!

These kits include:
•    a bicycle for travel
•    a carpet for people to sit on during meetings
•    20 texts for training
•    instruments for music

Key Women

Women are one of the most disadvantaged groups in all levels of society in southern Asia. Empart seeks to empower them to lay the foundations for change. Through Empart’s ministry to women, key women are trained to address the social and spiritual needs of local women and teach them about their true value as a precious and worthy part of God’s creation.

woman-workingEmpart has several Training Centers specifically for women with more opening in the coming months. Women who attend these Training Centers receive an education, discipleship training and mentoring – skills that equip women with the means for connecting with other women and families in their areas, to share the Gospel and see lives transformed.

Key women, once trained, will be mobilized into effective ministry. They will work alongside field workers to spread the Gospel, run groups and help Empart achieve its vision of transforming 100,000 communities by 2030. Through networking and relationship building with other women in their communities, key women are helping their husbands to establish communities by unlocking doors of opportunity.

You can support Key Women on an on-going monthly basis of $50, $100 or $150 (full support) per month.